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Testimonials from Our Valued Customers

Jacqueline Lee

I want to tell you how thrilled and happy I am with the kitchen cabinets. This is now my dream kitchen! Thank you so much for your help and patience in helping us choose these outstanding cabinets. The gentlemen that installed them were a pleasure to have work in our house.

Tomorrow Jonathan & his family are coming and I can't wait for them to see the kitchen. Now it is complete.

Jolinda Babcock

Jacquie, I hope all is well! I know this is out of the blue, but our house is finally about done and I wanted to thank you again. After dealing with a variety of subs, I am convinced that most people in construction don't care about time lines, budgets or doing things right the first time. You and your company are the complete exception to the rule!

You were such a pleasure to work with and we really feel like our cabinets are spectacular! Especially the big crown molding! Even after a year, we LOVE the cabinets! Thanks for your help in making super choices! Everyone raves! Just wanted you to know, of all the subs, I canot recommend you highly enough. Take care!

Tiffany Garner

Hello Karen!

We moved in this weekend and are loving it! Our kitchen is definitely the jewel of the home. Everyone is in love! I never thought I would say this, but we might possibly have too much storage LOL :) Tons of room to grow! It's fabulous!

Back to unpacking!

Diana Woolard

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to let you know once more how much we are enjoying our beautiful cabinets, and what a pleasure it has been to work with you! I've done kitchens before with professionals, and nobody else has ever come close to matching your competence, enthusiasm and sense of style. You are simply the best!

I've also been meaning to thank you for the beautiful Cambria cheese board. What a rice surprise, and we do appreciate it so much. It stays on the countertop and comes in handy for all types of things, and I just love it. "Cutting the cheese" has never been so much fun, and there is plenty of that going on around here...

I hope you have a wordeful and busy fall. If you're ever in the area - by bike, on foot or in an automobile - please, please stop by for a visit. It is always a treat to see you!

Thanks again, and take care.

Laura Barrier

Karen, I went to GSO yesterday for a hair apt and was able to spend about an hour wistfully looking at the cabinets. They are simply AWESOME!!!!!!! I am in love with them. I just wish Bill could have been with me. Luckily I had brought the camera and got about 30 pictures to show him. I told your guys that they had done a fantastic job installing. There is so much I like about them. Some of the little things are the way the crown moulding does above where the sink is, the hold everything drawer, the glass in the cabinets, the handles and pulls, the way the finish feels, the base molding, and I could go on and on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

The granite we are using is the one that looks like sage green marble/quartz. It has some beige and white in it. Of course the one I picked out ended up costing over twice as much as the stock I could have picked (No, I am not exaggerating; that is the truth). It had better look as beautiful as the cabinets do. If the counter installers make one scratch on the cabinets, I am going to personally strangle them. All of the counters will be the same. Oh, by the way, the electrical plates turned out great; thanks for suggesting them. I would have never thought about it.

Karen, Thank you so much for everything; you have been a joy to work with. If it had not been for talking to you at the home show we would have not even thought about using your company. We did not realize you did business In Greensboro.

We will be back in GSO on Saturday for about 12 days. If you are over our way come by. I will definitely give you a ring to come once the We and painting are complete. I hope you will be able to get over before I re-clutter the place.

Thanks again!!!!!!!!

Alicia & Jonathan

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for treating us to such a lovely dinner at Frankie Rowlands. What a lovely surprise that was for us. It was Jonathan's birthday dinner so you gave him a great birthday gift.

You and your family have such a great company...it is really a pleasure to work with you and Karen. The quality of your product and staff is excellent and we appreciate so much the great job that you do. Thank you so much for a superb dinner!

Claire Schmidt

The cabinets are OUTSTANDING! Fred and I, as well as our builder, are delighted with the finished product.

You and your employees deserve a pat on the back. Your workmanship is excellent and your people are a pleasure to deal with. Through all the change and re-draws, you have kept your sense of humor and have built beautiful cabinetry we hope to enjoy for many years to come.

Keep up the good work!

Vicki Schober

"Designing Kitchens and Baths continues to be a pleasure to work with. As a general contractor specializing in remodeling, I have been impressed by not only the creativity but also the sensitivity that DKB has shown my clients. Coordinating all aspects of projects with DKB has been painless and efficient. The type of professionalism I expect and what I get from Designing Kitchens and Baths!"

Jim and Wilma Talley

"Our cabinets are beautiful, you did a wonderful job making them. They add so much to the look of our house! Lee and Jimmy did a great job installing them, they are great to work with, because they care. This is a comment that I have from one person, "the cabinets have a finish like Hinkle - Harris furniture. " This is a wonderful compliment."

P.S. Words cannot say how much we thank you!

Susan and Bruce Patterson

"My husband and I have recently finished a renovation/addition of our 1920's home in Winston-Salem, which included a kitchen demo/renovation as well. We interviewed with three of the top kitchen suppliers and chose Designing Kitchens and Baths because I felt very comfortable with your designer.

I immediately liked her and was impressed with her creativity and also her willingness to work with me and all my ideas. She spent considerable time listening and looking at my picture file of favorite kitchens and baths. She also worked well with my builder and kept him informed of her timetable with production.

I am now enjoying my kitchen and bath so very much and can look back on the past 12 months with nothing but positive feelings. You are very lucky to have this designer working for you and I look forward to another opportunity to work with her in the future!"

Colleen Ranson

"We are so pleased with our cabinets. The experience of this major renovation project has made us appreciate companies that live up to their promise of competent service. Custom Wood Products provided a superior product and wonderful service."

Ann and Carl Barkley

We think you are the greatest! Because of you and your attention to detail our kitchen, bathroom and study couldn't be nicer.

Everyone is raving about all three rooms and I am quick to give you all the praise and glory. You have helped our dream house be a reality. As we use and enjoy the rooms, your name and face will always be with us.

Our thanks for everything.

Charlie Shelton

We have had a wonderful relationship with your company over many years. You have always provided quality workmanship in a timely manner.